Benefits of Euler Hermes

You have plenty to gain by obtaining your bonds and guarantees from an insurer. Here is an overview of the main benefits.

Greater availability of credit

By working with an insurer, you can avoid tying up the capital available under your bank’s lending facilities. So you can keep your credit lines open and maximise your cash headroom.

A wider choice of guarantee wordings

As well as guarantees at first request, an insurer also offers conditional guarantees that provide you with better protection in the event of a dispute. We can advise you on guarantee wordings that are proposed to you by your business partners.

More security

Euler Hermes is one of the most reliable guarantee partners on the market, with a consistent AA- rating from S&P.

Attractive terms

We offer attractive charges and give you additional benefits such as a “refund of unused premiums.”  And we promise to issue a guarantee within 24 hours.

International service

You benefit from our global service, with offices in 55 countries. This means we can deliver international guarantees promptly and follow up locally.

More information

Want to know more about guarantee options and the benefits of a guarantee from Euler Hermes? We are pleased to listen to your needs. You can contact our business managers on +32 (0)2 289 42 31 or at