Property & Construction

Guarantees for businesses in the property & construction sector

We offer the following guarantees for the property & construction sector. Whichever type of guarantee you need, we are pleased to offer you a proposal. 

1.     Breyne Act guarantees and completion guarantees

To protect buyers against the bankruptcy or insolvency of a contractor or property developer, contractors and property developers must provide a guarantee that the work will be properly completed.

Developers must obtain a 100% completion guarantee. Euler Hermes can provide these guarantees.

2.    Guarantees for real estate agents

As an estate agent in Belgium, you benefit from a reduced registration fee on purchases of real property. This is provided that a guarantee is presented in favour of the “Flemish Tax/Registration Agency”, which enables the tax authority to reclaim any excess benefits that may have been granted.  

3.    Declaration of willingness to provide guarantee

As a contractor bidding in a tender process, you must submit a declaration of willingness from a guarantee provider. This declaration is proof that you will be able to provide a performance bond promptly if you win the contract. 

4.    Performance bonds

A performance bond or performance guarantee gives the buyer assurance that the contractor or property developer will carry out the contract on time and in accordance with the agreed terms. If the contract is not performed, or is not performed properly, the buyer can call on the guarantee and Euler Hermes will pay out the agreed sum. 

5.    Infrastructure bonds

Guarantees that must be given to public authorities by contractors or project developers to ensure that utilities are installed. 

6.    Advance payment bonds

Guarantees that assure your business partners that prepayments or advances will be paid back if you fail to fulfil your obligations to your client.  

7.    Payment guarantees

In some situations, a sale of land or buildings may only become final once the seller has met certain specific conditions, e.g. regarding permits. In such cases, sellers can benefit from a payment guarantee, so that they can be sure of receiving the purchase price as soon as all the conditions of sale have been fulfilled.

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