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Credit insurance

What to do when i have following questions?


  • My cashflow is being harmed by my customers payment delays. What can I do ?


  • How do I anticipate the risks of new customers if I don't know how financialy healthy they are? 


  • Export the next step for my company, but I don't have (any) experience. Who can help me ? 


  • I want to be stronger against my competitors. Do I need to take more risks with longer payment time limits?


  • I have clients with overdue invoices, but no one who has the time or experience to collect them. What now ?

  • Selling is my specialty, but collection is not. What can I do ?


  • How do I get more financing with my bank ?

The solution is very simple.. A credit insurance by Euler Hermes.

What is credit insurance ?

"Credit insurance is a 3-in-1 solution"

  1. Pick the right customers.
    Let us analyse your customer portfolio and prospects to analyse their solvability rate.

    Why ?
    • Know the financial health of your clients.
    • Limit unpaid invoices.
    • Take an informed decision about for example: export, innovations, delayed payments, ens... .
    • An economic healthy customer portfolio keeps your company healty too.
    • Don't lose customers due to frustrations or miscommunications.

  2. Be sure of a payment.
    We will reimburse your invoices if they are not paid.

    Why ?
    • A diminished impact on your cashflow.
    • You can pay your own invoices and keep your reputation standing.
    • Your company is no longer slowed by unpaid invoices.
    • You can still innovate and expand your company.

      3. Outsource your debitor managment:
         Let us follow up and collect all outstanding invoices worldwide.
         Why ?
                  ° Euler Hermes has a worldwide knowledge of regulations and laws.
                  ° We cross linguistic barrieres.
                  ° You have more time to focus on your core business.
                  ° Experienced collectors will handle your files.

What are the benefits of a credit insurance ?

  • Calm mind: A guaranteed and faster payment.
  • Safe: Work only with financialy strong partners and clients.
  • Surety: A stable cash flow.
  • Gaining time: Recieve all information needed about a client or prospect in a fast and efficient way.
  • Less workload: Give your debit policy over to expert hands to concentrate more on your core business.
  • Healty business relations: Keep your customer portfolio healty and collect unpaid notices without harming your business relations.
  • Opportunities:  Don't lose any opportunities to recieve extra financing from your bank or an opportunity to innovate and expand your company.