Why Euler Hermes credit insurance?



The 10 pillars of Euler Hermes.



1.  World market leader

We insure worldwide and in Belgium the most transactions. Our experience reaches across the linguistic borders and contains the knowledge of laws and regulations of different countries.

2. Stable

Euler Hermes exists for over 85 years and in Belgium for 75 years. Thanks to a strong company politic we are the world marketleader. Our economists and specialists are able to keep track of the evolutions and trends of our worldeconomy and the eurozone, they are even able make economic predictions. You can find everything on our economic blog or our publications on our corporate website.

3. Information network

Thanks to years of experience our financial information reaches further than that of our competition. With Euler Hermes you will have the most complete and trustworthy payment and trade information. For example the solvability of your customers, or the expected DSO (Days of Outstanding Sales) per country.

4. Simple

Our policies are simple to manage and to compose. Our Simplicity policy is for now the fastest and easiest of solutions.


5. Clear

With our online plateform Eolis you can easily follow all your claims and risk files.

6. Service 

Our customer service is available daily for all your questions and remarks.
Euler Hermes owns local offices to handle your files on a personal level.

7. Customized polices

Our policies are custom made for your company. This while taking in account the country, size, revenue and the sector of your company. If you wish more cover for a certain client, we can offer it to you in the form of a CAP Europe.
Our bonding is also dependent of the sector.

8. Correct

Follow your collections claims live on our online platform Eolis. We do everything possible to collect your unpaid invoices without harming any business relations. However in case there is a need for legal measures we can advise you.

9. Experience and satisfaction

We have the experience to offer our customers the best service possible. Our expertise in collection files gives us the best tools to collect your unpaid invoices. Discover what our customers think of our service here.

10. Digitalizing

Euler Hermes innovates and digitalizes to be more green and to simplify the process. You can ask for a grading or look at all your files and policies thanks to our Eolis online platform. Our free virtual apps will give you a unique sight on the Belgian economy, the eurozone and the worldeconomy.