​Euler Hermes has developed a streamlined and automated secure link between your IT system and your Euler Hermes online policy management: EH SmartLink.

Connect EH's knowledge to your IT systems using EH Smartlink

PROD_PP_004EH SmartLink is a secure e-business solution designed for companies that manage hundreds of credit limits as part of their business operations. It automatically integrates real-time Euler Hermes information into any IT system to fit your company’s specific needs.

EH SmartLink complements your credit insurance and makes it easier and faster for your business to receive our support for your credit management activities.

Credit management integrated into your own IT tool

Connecting EH SmartLink to your IT system means that:

  • 100 % of your credit limits are integrated in real time into your credit management system.
  • You can count on an easy implementation with your own propriety credit management system or any other provider:  SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, etc. Indeed, EH SmartLink relies on web service technology to securely connect your IT system to Euler Hermes data resources. 
  • You have acces to a credit management solution that saves you time and eliminates the need to manually enter information on a regular basis.
  • You have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal to provide you with ongoing support for process design and maintenance.


Advantages of EH SmartLink

EH SmartView stands for:

  • Simplicity: Simplify your credit management process in one unique tool.
  • Speed: Gain time by no longer manually entering the information.

  • Accuracy: Automatic data input to insure up-to-date key credit information.

  • Proactivity: Build up your alerts to immediately react to customer inquiries faster than your competitors.