EH smartView is Euler Hermes' secure online risk monitoring tool that gives your direct access to our exlusive market knowledge related to your customer portfolio.
EH SmartView is designed for key people in financial, credit or risk management who need to monitor compant reports for informed decision-making.
PROD_PP_004 EH SmartView is Euler Hermes secure online risk monitoring tool that gives you direct access to our exclusive market knowledge related to your customer portfolio through a range of risk-based reports.

EH SmartView is designed for key people in financial, credit management or risk management who need to monitor company accounts-receivable risks from a central perspective. Review client risk and capture growth opportunities with comprehensive management reports for informed decision-making.

And with the daily data refresh, managing risk and optimizing opportunities has never been easier and more accurate!
EH SmartView is more than just a reporting tool, it is also about enables you to better focus your sales resource on more productive opportunities that will in turn drive turnover and improve cash flow.

We are able to do so by bringing you insight into the knowledge behind our unique database through the EH Grade and through a full suite of critical management reports.

The EH grade is the result of the financial monitoring of your customer. We allocate each customer a grade that reflects the health of their activity and the way they conduct business.

EH SmartView enables you to:

  1. View a summary of portfolio risk KPIs via a main dashboard
  2. Analyze the acceptance rate of your limits by grade, trade sector or requested amount
  3. Monitor your customer risk profile by country
  4. Identify any changes in your customers credit worthiness
  5. Assess your total exposure by a customer "group"

EH SmartView helps you to have a better understanding of your trade credit and to make wise business decisions by:

  • Presenting timely intelligence in a clear and concise way
  • Providing greater visibility to help you minimize risk
  • Giving control over your buyer portfolio to maximize opportunities
  • Encouraging a culture of risk management
  • Helping to protect and grow your business
  • Review your top customer exposures

EH SmartView gives you visibility over your trade debtors and knowledge of your markets to make decisions on future growth. Decisions such as increasing margins because clients are high risk, reducing terms of payment or driving growth in positive sectors are now made easier.

As well as encouraging a culture of risk management throughout your organisation, EH SmartView enables you to share your decision making with your peers, providing an even greater understanding of how those decisions are made, and even greater comfort that those decisions are in the best interests of future growth.

For your 30-day free trial of EH SmartView, email “” or contact your relationship manager.