Credit insurance for large businesses

360° policy tailored to your company

The 360° policy is a fully tailored credit insurance policy. It protects all your commercial transactions, at home and/or abroad. You can choose for yourself! It also insures your commercial and political risks. Other specific risks (such as manufacturing, longer credit terms, higher compensation, etc.) can be covered upon request.

The benefits of 360°:

  •  Policy tailored to your needs

  • Compensation after 60 days

  • Coverage of up to 90% of your invoice - Collection costs are also insured

  •  Annual discount in the event of low claims

  • Option to insure the advice of trade information agencies.

  • Option to apply for temporary or permanent extra coverage with CAP.

  • Option to insure losses due to fraud. 

The price

The price of a 360° policy depends on various factors: your turnover, the risk, previous losses etc. The premium is calculated as a percentage of your turnover. Would you like a quotation? Please contact one of our business managers at or call us on telephone number +32 (2) 289 31 11.


Would you prefer to meet one of our business managers to explain this policy? Ask for an appointment at or call us on telephone number +32 (2) 289 31 11.