For Multinationals

When you are a multinational you operate in the entire world, and need a worldwide solution. With Euler Hermes World Agency we have the experience and knowledge to support your business strategie.


What is EH World Agency?

EH World Agency is a special team inside Euler Hermes group that speciliazes in mulitnationals with a revenue over 500 million and business units in 2 or more countries.
Our teams, who are vested in 6 main regions have excellent service thanks to the fact that they operate as local business unit and are adapted to the local context and culture. The regional network of Euler Hermes World Agency is a unique entrance for multinational programs.

EH World Service Program

A comprehensive and bespoke solution for companies requiring integrated control of their local trade credit risks combined with maximum levels of protection against non payment by debtors.

EH World Severity Program

For multinationals with significant local expertise in trade credit risk management, looking for a segmented protection against volatility and significant (catastrophic) losses.

EH World Risk Sharing Program

For multinationals seeking to share part of the risk with a solid professional partner, either directly or through the involvement of a captive reinsurer.

EH World Working Capital Program

For multinationals seeking to improve local cash flows by ceding their account receivables to financial partners (banks, factors) or financial investors.

EH World Transactional Cover

For multinationals and financial institutions seeking non cancellable political and commercial risks solutions to cover trade transactions, including medium term operations up to seven years.