Additional Cover

The CAP Policy

With the CAP policy you can apply for extra coverage for one particular customer who is already insured under the 360° policy. This is a top-up policy. CAP is used when you need extra coverage during periods of high risk. This policy can be temporarily or permanently deployed for customers of your choice.

 The benefits of CAP:

  • Additional coverage at home or abroad
  • Free start-up: you pay only when you use the CAP limit
  • Can be deployed for customers of your choice
  • Easy management via Eolis

The price

The price of CAP is 2.4 % on the increased limit. Limits can be increased to a maximum of twice the amount.

Still not convinced?

Talk it through with your Relationship Manager, your broker or our customer service team (ASD) at or call us on telephone number +32 (2) 289 44 00.